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We Help Ambitious Business Owners Enhance Their Brand and Their Client Experience Through Custom Branding and Website Solutions

Thrive Design Co is a female-led branding and website design studio based in Asheville, NC, serving clients of various industries across the U.S. We specialize in custom brand design, and Wix and Squarespace website design with an SEO and accessibility-focused approach. We work with brands of various industries from photographers to wedding professionals, food + beverage businesses, health & wellness practices and experts, e-commerce brands, hospitality and recreation, farms and gardens, personal and professional service providers, and more, to help them stand out, and streamline their processes & systems.

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Intentional Design Rooted in Strategy

At Thrive Design Co, we dedicate ourselves to partnering with ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs to create custom brand identities and dynamic websites that truly set them apart. We focus our expertise in crafting next-level websites in Wix and Squarespace, complete with built-in business solutions to help streamline your business operations and level up your client and customer experience.

But what truly sets us apart from other designers and design studios is that we closely work 1:1 with our clients, really getting to know them, immersing ourselves into their business, and focusing on the smallest details, so that we can help you achieve the best possible results.


Our Tailored Design Solutions

"Angel gave me the website of my dreams! She really leveled up both my overall brand look and my SEO game!! She is patient and thorough as well as a wonderful person to work and collaborate with. My inbox has been full of clients and I can definitely attest that to Angel's work in making my website more professional, welcoming, and easier to find!! I highly suggest her services to anyone who needs a beautiful upgrade!"



Chicken Mom, Coffee Addict, & Marketing and Design Nerd

I'm Angel— founder and creative behind Thrive Design Co! At any given time, you can find me with my hair in a messy bun, in my favorite sweatshirt and leggings, either working away at my desk, in the kitchen baking a new sourdough recipe, or out in the yard with my 8 chickens not far behind.

I thrive on helping others succeed, and that's what pushed me to initially start Thrive Design Co. My greatest passion is helping passionate + ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs go from being overwhelmed + DIYing their way through business, to being confident and empowered for what their future holds.

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My Best Design & Marketing Tips

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