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Full-scope branding for businesses that are ready to stand out

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Here to Help You Turn Your Small Business Into a Sought-After Brand

Our branding services are all about taking your business to the next level and making a memorable impact on your audience. We'll kick things off by really getting to know your business goals and target market. This way, we can create a brand that not only looks amazing but also connects with your ideal customers on a deeper level.

From designing an eye-catching logo suite to creating cohesive visual elements and developing a strong, unique brand voice, we're here to arm you with everything you need to stand out in today's competitive digital world. Our mission is to help you unlock your brand's true potential and thrive in your industry. Let’s team up and turn your branding dreams into reality.

Our Signature Branding Package

  • Average Timeline: 6 - 8 weeks

  • Investment: $4,975+

  • Payment Options: A 50% upfront deposit is required to secure your place on my calendar, and the remainder will be broken up into installments throughout the duration of the project

  • Note: Book the Signature Branding Package with any of my custom website packages and get 10% off your project total.

  • An in-depth brand design questionnaire to uncover your visual and aesthetic preferences, ensuring your brand identity aligns with your vision and audience

  • A mood board and creative direction to set the tone for your brand's look and feel

  • A comprehensive brand strategy, defining your brand's personality, tone of voice, target audience, competitors, market position, vision, mission, and values, all wrapped up in a handy PDF brand strategy guide

  • A logo suite with primary, secondary, and submark logos

  • An accessible and WCAG-compliant brand color palette

  • A carefully selected brand font pairing

  • One piece of brand collateral of your choice, such as a freebie design, business card design, or email signature design

  • Custom social media profile icons

  • PDF brand guidelines with clear instructions on how to use your new brand assets consistently

  • Final logo files delivered in full brand colors, solid black, and solid white, in JPG, PNG, and SVG formats, with additional formats available upon request

  • A signature pack of 60+ social media templates customized with your brand's colors, fonts, and relevant stock photos

  • Up to three rounds of revisions to ensure everything is perfect for your brand

Need Something More? We Have Add-Ons Available for You to Choose From!

  • Branded Social Media Templates: Get 60+ of my signature go-to social media templates, all customized to fit your new branding. Plus, you'll get profile pictures and cover photos that match, making sure your online presence is consistent everywhere.

  • Marketing Collateral: Templates for business cards, letterheads, email signatures, brochures, and other marketing materials to keep your brand looking sharp across all customer touchpoints.

  • Additional Logo Concepts: Want more options? I'll create extra logo concepts so you can explore different directions and find the perfect fit for your brand's look.

  • Additional Revision Rounds: Got a specific vision? Extra revision rounds give you the flexibility to tweak and perfect your branding elements until they're just right.

  • Additional File Formats: Get the additional file formats you need for your branding assets. Whether it's for print, digital, or special uses, you'll have everything ready to go.

  • Stationery Design: Need some branded office supplies? I can design notebooks, pens, and other items that show off your new brand identity, perfect for internal use or as corporate gifts.

  • Team Training: Ensure your team is equipped to leverage your new brand assets effectively. This training covers guidelines on consistent usage across all touchpoints, empowering your team to maintain brand integrity.

  • Packaging Design: For product-based businesses, offering custom packaging design that reflects the new branding can greatly enhance the unboxing experience and brand perception.

  • Photography and Videography Guidelines: For businesses that heavily rely on visual content, we can provide guidelines for photography style, composition, videography, and editing to help you ensure consistency across all visual brand representations.

  • Custom Icons or Illustrations Set: A set of custom-designed icons, patterns, or illustrations that match your brand's aesthetic for use in web and print materials.

  • Newsletter Template Design: Custom email newsletter templates that align with your brand’s visual identity, for use in email marketing campaigns.









female web designer working on laptop from the couch

With professional branding you can...

Set yourself apart from your competitors in a crowded marketplace and create a business that's memorable and well-recognized for years to come

Leverage consistent branding across all platforms to potentially boost your business's revenue by up to 33%

Charge what you're worth. Having a professional-looking brand that reflects the high quality of your work allows you to justify and implement price increases that align with the value you provide.

Establish yourself as the authoritative go-to in your industry, with a brand that reflects quality, expertise and professionalism

If Any of These Sound Like You, You're Probably Ready for Professional Branding...

  • You're at the end of your DIY rope & you're ready to step into something that reflects the true value of your offers

  • You feel totally disconnected to your current branding and feel like it no longer aligns with who your brand is

  • Your business is growing or shifting its focus and needs a brand identity that reflects the direction you're heading

  • You feel like your competitors are overshadowing you and you're starting to feel the FOMO (fear of missing out)

  • You know your products or services are top-notch, but you feel like there is a disconnect between you and your audience

  • There is a major lack of brand consistency across all of your platforms, and nothing looks cohesive

"I cannot hype Thrive Design Co. up enough! Angel is professional, courteous, and wildly talented. It’s a little bit of magic, her way of bringing your vision to life. I shared with her logos and concepts I’d found and she came back with something entirely unique and fully encompassing the essence of my small business. She’s a gem!"


Just starting out and looking for just the branding basics?

Our Branding VIP Day is perfect for businesses that need the essentials to get started. In just one day, you’ll get a complete logo package designed within an 8-hour intensive session. It’s an ideal solution for those on a budget, not quite ready for a full branding overhaul, or with a clear vision they want executed by a pro.

This Branding Basics VIP Day is right for you if:

  • You have a solid idea or vision for your branding and need a designer to bring it to life

  • You’re ready to make quick decisions during the design process without lengthy deliberation

  • You want a professional logo package with a quick turnaround, all while sticking to your budget

  • You’re not ready to invest in a full custom brand identity yet but still want to look polished and cohesive

  • You need to launch your new branding fast, like yesterday

logo with custom brand fonts on a canvas tote

So, what do you say? Ready to unlock your brand's full potential?

Let’s make your brand unforgettable. Let's dive right into the journey of transforming your brand and see how we can turn your vision into a compelling reality that resonates deeply with your target audience and establishes you as an authoritative go-to in your industry. Head over to my contact page now to book your free, 30-minute discovery call, and let's start crafting the future of your brand.

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