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Get Your Branding or Website To-Do List Done with a VIP Day Service

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What is a VIP Day and who is it for?

A VIP Day, also sometimes known as a "Website in a Day", or "Design Intensive", is an 8-hour timeframe where we complete your branding or web design project in one day.


Are you operating a relatively new business with a limited marketing budget? Do you need a website but just don't have the time to build it, or want to avoid a lengthy launch process? Or, maybe you need a simple logo package to start out with and not a full brand identity just yet.

A VIP Day could be the ideal solution for you. We can also get other things accomplished for you such as branded social media templates, Flodesk set-up, a website refresh, and adding an online course to your site, and other daunting tasks on your to-do list! 

So how exactly does a VIP Day work?

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How do I know if a VIP Day is a good fit for me?


Knows exactly what you're looking for and envisioning for your website, logo package, or the things on your marketing and design checklis that you'd like to get done, and you're just needing a designer to help you execute that vision


  • What are some things we can get done in an 8-hour VIP Day timespan?
    Below is a list of examples of things we could work on during our time together, based on what you need, and what you're looking for! — Create branded social media templates to help you stay on-brand with your social media content — Create a custom website with up to 3 or 4 pages, or a semi-custom website starting from a professionally designed Wix or Squarespace template that we customize and tailor to your business and your branding — Create a logo package for you that includes a primary logo, secondary logo, sub-mark logo, color palette curation, brand font selection, and a PDF brand guidelines packet — We can do a website refresh or revamp (this is also great for my past website or branding clients who are looking to make some updates to their website, or tweak their color palette or fonts a bit!) — We can set up and integrate Flodesk email marketing into your website so you can start building your email list — I can conduct SEO research for you and come up with a comprehensive plan, do some keyword research, competitor analysis and market analysis, and help you get started with building on your business' online presence — We can add additional features or automations to your Wix website such as adding an online course to your site, or a video channel platform within your site, e-commerce capabilities, create blog content, and more! — Along with many other things! These are just some examples!
  • How does payment work for VIP Days?
    For VIP Days, after our discovery call, if you're ready to proceed, I'll finish setting up your Client Portal where you'll find our contract and invoices. Once the contract has been signed, and the 50% deposit invoice has been paid, your date will then, at that point, be locked in on my calendar. At the end of our VIP Day, once you've approved all the final designs or work, the remaining 50% will be due, and then you'll get full access to all your final deliverables, whether that's logo files, or transferring the website to you, whatever that looks like for your project.
  • Can I book a VIP Day for my project, or do I need to book a custom project?
    This answer varies from person to person, depending on a lot of different factors and we can talk about this more on our discovery call if you're unsure! If you're someone that knows exactly what you're looking for in a website or your logo package, and you just need a designer to execute your vision, then a VIP Day might be perfect for you. If you're looking for a more extensive website with lots of pages, or custom features such as an educational platform, online course, e-commerce, etc, then a custom project would be what you need. If you're wanting a full brand identity, then you'd need a custom project. If you're wanting to refresh or revamp your site, or add additional pages to your site, need a comprehensive SEO plan, branded social media templates, then a VIP Day might be perfect for you. Reach out and we'll figure out if a VIP Day is a good option for you!
  • Can I sign up for website maintenance with you if you didn't originally design my website?
    So, as long as your website is designed on Wix or Squarespace, I'd still be open to working with you on website maintenance, even if I didn't originally design your website, but under a few conditions... It must be designed by a professional designer, and not DIYed. The reason being, if your site is DIYed and it's been piecemealed together over the years, chances are your site might need a total overhaul before working with you on improving your online presence. If that's the case, and you do still want to work together on website maintenance, I'm all for it, but I'll likely recommend that we work together on a VIP Day together, first, in order to give your site a "face-lift" so we can then maintain that strong online presence we created together. We can go over this more, and address any questions you might have on our initial call together! 😊
  • Can I just do one month of maintenance to start?
    We only offer a minimum commitment of 3 months, because when maintaining your online presence, especially when SEO is involved, it can take a minimum of 3 months or so to start seeing tangible results. If after the 3-month commitment you decide you want to take on the task of maintaining your website yourself, there is no obligation to re-up and continue the commitment if it's not financially feasible for you! 😊 No hard feelings!
  • How can we get started with my website maintenance plan?
    Let's chat! I'd love to hop on a free, no obligation, 30-minute discovery call with you so we can talk about your maintenance needs, what you're looking for as far as maintaining your online presence, and we'll talk about which plan might work best for your goals and your budget. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I'll be in touch within 48 hours about scheduling a call!
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VIP Day pricing & what all we can accomplish

Our VIP Days are just $1,250 for your 8-hour, uninterrupted project time slot. Aside from a few coffee & snack breaks throughout the day, I'll be working solely on your project, focusing on getting all the things done in the amount of time we have. A 50% deposit is due upon booking your VIP Day, and the remaining 50% is due at the end of the VIP Day before we launch your new site, or send over your final logo files.

We can get a variety of things done during our VIP Day together such as branded social media templates, lead magnet design, basic website updates and maintenance, troubleshooting, adding new features and integrations into your existing Wix or Squarespace site, and more. But our most popular VIP Day projects are our basic logo package (primary logo, secondary logo, sub-mark, color palette, and typography pairing), and a semi-custom website where we start from a template as our base, and customize it to your brand & needs.

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Interested in finally getting your branding or website taken care of so you can focus on other things?

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