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About Thrive Design Co

Thrive Design Co is a small branding and website design studio based out of Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in custom brand identities and websites for businesses of all sizes and industries.

At Thrive Design Co, we strive to provide our clients with the absolute best when it comes to helping you elevate your brand. Whether that's through curating a fresh, new visual identity for your business, or crafting a custom, strategic, and stunning website that attracts your dream clients, we're here to serve you. There is nothing we love more than to cheer our clients on and support them in their business journey in any way we can.

Since opening our virtual doors in 2020, we've had the pleasure of working with countless photographers, wedding professionals, food and beverage businesses, service providers, professional organizers, creatives, and many more businesses to help them create brands and websites that are timeless, modern, meaningful, and built for success.

We love to collaborate with businesses of all sizes, niches, and industries— we've tried sticking to just one type of client many times before and decided we just love the variety and excitement that comes with getting to work with different industries!

While I have a background in web design, marketing, social media management, brand design, accounting, and project management, I like to stick to what I know and love best— custom branding and website design. We offer a variety of branding and website packages for different needs, budgets, goals, and aspirations.


Our Core Values

01. Simplicity

We believe the most impactful brands are the ones that embrace simplicity. For us, that means not over-complicating things. It means making a bigger impact by doing less, but doing it better. 

02. Passion

We believe that through passion, some of the most impactful, memorable, and long-lasting brands are built. We believe that passion is at the core of every successful business owner, and that is passion for what they do, and passion for making a difference.

03. Adaptability

We believe that adaptability is crucial to building not just a business, but a brand that lasts a lifetime. We know that in order for businesses to stay at the top of clients' and customers' minds, we must continue to adapt— adapt our marketing strategies, our visual identities, our business practices, and our mindsets.

Image by Cat Han







Thrive Design Co owner sipping coffee at her desk


Meet the Designer

Well, hey there! I'm glad you're here! I'm not good at writing my own bio but I'll give it a shot! For starters, if you're obsessed with The Office, all things fall, animals, coffee, or candles— well, we just might become best friends.

I'm 25, a native of Asheville North Carolina, married to my high school sweetheart, and family is everything to me.  I'm the oldest of three, I'm an introvert to the core, a proud supporter of sweatpants + messy buns, a hard-core football fan (Clemson Tigers and Pittsburgh Steelers fan here), and I'm always down for a board game night with friends.

I could eat roasted veggies every single day, cookie dough ice cream is my jam, brisket from Luella's BBQ is superior, Ryan Reynolds & Adam Sandler are my two favorite actors, I've been a Shania Twain fan since birth, and I mostly listen to 90s & early 2000s country music.

But that's enough about me— I'd love to get to know you! Take a look around, browse my packages, read some past client testimonials and when you're ready, you can book a free, 30-minute discovery call and we'll get to know each other, see if we're a good fit, and talk about your project!  If you'd like to learn even more about me, keep scrolling for some fun facts!

Image by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan
Husband and wife standing together on a pier at Hilton Head Island


Get to Know Me Better

  • Jesus Christ is my Savior

  • Veggie pizza is delicious

  • I've been drinking coffee every day since freshman year of high school

  • Vanilla > chocolate

  • No makeup gang (except on Sundays)

  • Comfort > glam

  • Animals (I got my first job at 15 as a kennel attendant at a boarding kennel and was in all the Ag programs in high school)

  • Travel by car > travel by plane

  • I'm always early (I hate being late— one of my pet peeves!)

  • Hilton Head, SC, is like a second home to me (pictured here)

  • I sit and watch football 4/7 days a week with my husband (go Steelers)

  • My favorite shows are The Office, Parks & Rec, Private Practice, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, and Chicago PD

  • love to clean

  • I couldn't live life without cheese or potatoes (but who would want to?)

  • I love to cook and make new recipes

  • Currently learning how to make sourdough from scratch— slowly figuring out this starter process!

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