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The Importance of Brand Photography for Your Business with Tiffany McFalls

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

professional brand photographer tiffany mcfalls
Photo Credit: Sheila Mraz Photography

When it comes to the imagery you use in your business, this is something to make sure you're putting a lot of thought and effort into, and not just downloading and using the first stock photos you see online. Your brand's imagery plays a huge part in how your brand is perceived and can be the thing that makes either a good or terrible first impression with your audience.

That's why I highly recommend hiring a brand photographer as soon as you're able, to help you start establishing your library of high-quality, branded imagery for your brand or business! Even if you can't afford a full brand session right away, and can just afford a mini-session starting out, or even just a few headshots, do what you can to make it happen, because you won't regret it, trust me!

When I first started investing in professional brand photography for my business, it was a total gamechanger, and I was able to come across as more of a professional, and it showed that I was serious about my business— I was investing in it and showing my clients that I'd show up for them. You can see a small preview of some photos from one of my most recent brand shoots with Tiffany in some examples below! She is incredible!

If brand photos are not in the budget whatsoever, you might even be able to talk with a brand photographer about a trade— not everyone will be open to a trade, but some might be, and it's a great first step into getting professional brand photos for your business or brand when you're first starting out. If you've been in business for a good while now, hiring a brand photographer for photos of you, your team, or your products is something you should try to work into your marketing budget.

I'm so happy to be collaborating with Tiffany McFalls Photography on this week's blog post, where Tiffany has agreed to help give my audience some insight on the importance of brand photography for your small (but growing!) business, so without further ado, let's get into it!

The Importance of Professional Brand Photography in Your Business, With Tiffany McFalls Photography

Q: How would you say that brand photography impacts a business's brand perception and how an audience views a business?

A: You’ll likely hear me say this a lot because I think there is a lot of value in custom, personalized brand photography. Having authentic moments captured speaks to your audience more than a “general” branding session or headshots. Having a thoughtfully curated list that both you and your photographer collaborate on not only gives your business consistent photos but also invites people to be part of both your business journey & your life. A greater relationship will be built with images that tell a story vs. a generic image.

Q: What are the key benefits of using professional brand photos compared to using generic stock photos on your website?

A: Personalization, consistency, professionalism, and uniqueness!

Q: How can high-quality brand photos contribute to improving website conversions and keeping potential clients and customers engaged?

A: Branding photos both attract & engage your clients. They see a real person on the other side of the screen who is going through a life journey, just like they are. Telling a story through photos and sharing helpful information, tools, or even daily life hacks alongside your image will in turn build trust & a solid relationship with your client. Once trust and a relationship are built they will want to come to you for help therefore leading to higher conversion and engagement.

Branding photos are also professional. Your client sees that you’re willing to invest in your company and that you believe your company is worth investing in. When someone sees not only your financial investment but also your investment of time, heart, & energy; they’re going to stop and think “Wow, this person/company is also worth my investment!”

Q: What are some key factors to consider when planning a brand photoshoot to ensure that it aligns with your business's unique messaging and personality?

A: As silly as it may sound, yourself. Finding a photographer that gets to know you and all of your fun quirks is incredibly important. If you aren’t involving things that make you, you in your session, then it won’t be a personal branding session, it will just be a headshot. In addition to that, find someone that you’re comfortable with. I know my bubbly, quirky self is not everyone’s cup of tea and it’s more important to me that my client finds someone who they can be 100% themselves around.

Q: Can you share some examples of how you've helped businesses effectively showcase their brand through brand photography on their websites?

A: Yes! I love sharing real-life examples because I think it helps people relate more. You’ll probably see me using a lot of examples throughout these responses!

I have a client who likes messy workspaces - that’s what she thrives in. So what did we do? We created some organized chaos around her.

I had a client who wanted to stay at home with her kiddos so she started her own business so she could both financially provide & be there with her family. In her branding session, we spent a good amount of time taking lifestyle family photos. A realistic picture, no pun intended, of her life. We took family photos on the bed where she was on her computer and her kids were writing in her notebook or hanging on her neck and you know what? We didn’t even have to force them to do it because it’s what they do every single day while she's working. We then went on a walk in a local park with her kids. Why? Because she does that almost every evening and it’s the place she calls home! Things that seem little like this have a huge impact. You can see some examples of that shoot below!

Another client whose whole family participates in her (or rather their) business. So they all came to the session and we had them hold tools that showcase what they do most in her business that was transitioning to a family business.

A client who is transitioning her home “fixer-upper” business into a design business. Let’s do photos in the home you fixed up and incorporate both design tools and carpenter tools!

PRO-TIP: if you work one-on-one with other people, bring additional people to your session but bring friends/family/past clients. Why? Being in front of a camera can be really intimidating for some so having people you’re already comfortable with, takes an extra element of stress away.

Q: What elements of a business's brand can effectively be communicated through brand photography?

A: All of them! You can showcase so many aspects of your branding during a session. Your values, your commitment to your clients, your identity, and so much more. How? Let's dig in... A few of the top things I talk to my clients about - attire, location, & props. What location showcases you? What would you normally wear to meet a client, on a call, when you’re working from home, etc.? What is sitting in front of you on a daily basis while you work? Is it a cup of hot tea, coffee, or matcha? Your favorite notebook? And then let's discuss how to utilize those things to keep consistency and effectiveness throughout your entire session. Do you read educational books or blogs, listen to education podcasts, or go to quarterly retreats to help stay up to date so you can better serve your clients? Let’s showcase that!

Q: Are there specific techniques or styles that you use to capture the essence of a brand and it's values through your brand photography services?

A: Getting to know my client through either an in-person meeting or phone calls, detailed questionnaires, and getting to know all of the tiny details about my client & their business so that I can carry those values & their personality into all of their images. Personalizing their session through details - examples: are you a tea drinker? Let's include your favorite mug. Is your hair normally curly? Let it be natural. We want your clients to see YOU! Do you like oil painting as a hobby? Bring some brushes or a palette.

Personalized details like this help resonate with your clients more than a perfectly curated list. That leads to my next point - make sure your photographer leaves room for creativity. Branding (at least to me) isn’t a textbook session, it’s some planning & a whole lot of creativity.

Q: How do you ensure consistency in brand photography across different platforms such as websites, social media, and print materials?

A: I feel like I keep harping on authenticity but that in my opinion, is the ticket, friends! Be you because that will ensure consistency 100% of the time. Don’t fake who you are during a branding session - come authentically, always.

Q: Can you provide some insight as to how to choose the right brand photographer for your business and industry?

A: Finding someone who genuinely cares about getting to know not only you but also your business. I personally believe if the photographer isn’t building a relationship with you that they won’t be able to tell your story through their images. Find someone who digs deep and asks questions like: What inspired you to start your business? What stirs your creativity? When you aren’t operating your business, what are you doing in your free time? Questions like this help us learn even more about you and your business. I know I keep harping on storytelling but that is exactly what your brand photography should be!

Q: Are there any additional tips or best practices you would recommend for businesses looking to enhance their brand through photography on their website?

A: I think quarterly updates & consistency are incredibly important. Finding your ideal photographer & nailing down your brand identity will make a huge impact on the perception of not only your business but you as a professional. Bringing those images & brand identity tools to all of your socials, website, & marketing material will help you to become more identifiable!

Q: How can business owners who are looking for brand photography to level up their brand, find you online and work with you?

A: Ahh I would be honored to work with any one of you! Feel free to reach out on my website at or my Instagram @tiffanymcfallsphotography to see more day-to-day moments of my life and biz!

Wrapping It Up

It has been such an honor to have Tiffany be a guest blogger today! She has really provided some valuable insight that I hope you can benefit from when it comes to your own branding photos for your business. I know I've learned a few things for sure!

Professional brand photos are such an impactful part of your brand, and I can't recommend a brand shoot enough! Whether it's a full-blown session, or just a branding mini-session, having at least a few brand photos that you can utilize across different platforms is such a game-changer for your professional image!

Be sure to reach out to Tiffany if you're local to the Asheville area and in need of some professional branding photos, and follow her on Instagram where you can see upcoming session dates, behind-the-scenes and more day-to-day life, and more. She's definitely one of my biz besties and I'm so grateful for her insight on this topic!

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