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12 Incredible Wix Features You Can Use to Enhance Your Business

There are SO many ways to utilize Wix to help you grow your business, and I can't brag on them enough. Wix is more than just a ways of creating a website... If you've been around for a while, you know I recommend Wix to anyone and everyone, in all sorts of industries, for like 1,000,000 different reasons, but most of those top reasons being...

  • Ease of use, even for beginners or DIYers

  • Full customization options (you can start from a template, or create a completely custom website from scratch, which is what I do for clients!)

  • The number of top apps and companies that it integrates with, such as QuickBooks, Door Dash, Printful, and so so many more

  • The insane amount of beautiful templates that Wix has to offer (literally over 120)

  • You can keep Wix as basic as you want, or you can get very advanced, depending on your skillset (or your designer's skillset), your business needs, and your goals

  • It's like three website platforms in one (Wix ADI which builds a site for you after you plug in some initial brand information, the Classic Editor which is most commonly used with a wide scope of design freedom, features, and more, and their latest and most advanced platform, EditorX which is for building incredibly cutting-edge, interactive, and advanced websites)

  • All of the built-in features Wix offers that you can take advantage of if your site is built on Wix that we're gonna talk about more in-depth today!

Before we get into it, I'd like to first say, that I cannot stress enough how much more your business will stand out from the competition by having all of your content accessible WITHIN your website, rather than sending your website visitors to dozens of third-party websites and links for different things such as your booking feature, or your online membership or community, and basically anything that you're using a third-party platform for, for your business.

I can't tell you how many websites I see that look pieced together because literally nothing lives ON their site, they're just using their website as a means to send people to all these different third-party platforms, rather than keeping the traffic on their own website which is huge if you're wanting to improve your SEO and your rankings, and convert more paying customers and clients.

That being said, check out the different in-house features below that Wix offers you to help enhance your client and customer experience, streamline your business processes and tools, and really help you level up your business as a brand.

Wix Hotels

Wix Hotels is INCREDIBLE. This is a built-in integration by Wix for hotels, and short-term rentals like people with vacation rentals, cabin rentals, beach homes, hotels, motels and things like that. If you fall into one of those categories, you should definitely consider building your website on Wix. Recently, I've seen lots of Airbnb hosts talking about how their guests have been complaining about skyrocketing Airbnb fees that the hosts cannot control (I keep saying Airbnb, but I'm also talking about VRBO as well!)

With Wix Hotels, YOU'RE in control of the fees you want to include, the rates you set, and how your brand is perceived by potential guests. When you're leveraging your own website, rather than directly competing with other hosts on those Airbnb and VRBO platforms, you're able to control the narrative and captivate the attention of potential guests, and offer them so much more than a way to book with you— you can utilize your website to showcase the different amenities you offer, the incredible things your town has to offer, create a blog with different things to do in your area or places to eat, etc, you can incorporate your own branding and custom fonts, and so so much more. To top all of that off, if you invest in a good SEO strategy for your website as well, you'll be helping your site become more discoverable in search engines by potential guests looking for a place to stay in your area!

Wix Hotels is flexible and allows you to create different units if you have multiple properties that you're renting, or multiple rooms if you've got a hotel or motel with multiple rooms that you're offering. You can add photos of your rooms/units, a captivating description of your place/room, list all your amenities, set your weeknight rate, your weekend rate, seasonal rates, offer discount codes and special pricing, list your different policies and procedures, and so much more. With Wix Hotels you can truly showcase your amazing property or properties and start getting booked out!

Wix Bookings

With the Wix Bookings feature, you can have customers and clients book appointments OR classes, such as coaching calls, consultations, yoga classes, and more, free or paid. You can also pair the Wix Bookings feature with the Wix Plans and Pricing feature that I'll get more into below, in order to have customers or clients purchase a number of sessions or calls as well.

One thing I love about the Wix Bookings feature is that if you're just starting out in your business and you are service-based, or a coach and you're someone that needs to book consultation calls or discovery calls with potential clients, you can use the Wix Bookings feature without having to use a third-party scheduler such as Calendly, and other platforms, helping you save money and keep your client experience seamless and all housed on your website.

Wix Plans & Pricing

The Wix Plans and Pricing feature is another super great tool you can utilize in your business. It's especially good for businesses such as fitness or yoga studios, business coaches, gyms, coaching programs, chiropractors, and really just about any industry you can think of that would benefit from having customers and clients sign up for a paid plan or membership of some sort, or class-packs, and more. For example, a yoga studio might offer different class packs that are available for customers to purchase that can be used to book the different yoga classes that they have available. A business coach might offer different packs that offer a different number of coaching calls.

This feature can be used in a variety of ways to help you make money and run your business and I highly recommend it if you're needing this type of scheduling feature!

Wix e-Commerce & Gift Card Features

Wix offers advanced, easy-to-use e-commerce features for your website to help you grow your e-commerce business. You can sell digital and physical products through your Wix e-commerce website which is perfect for standard product-based businesses, as well as those that sell digital products such as website templates, social media templates, e-books, guides, and so much more. Not to mention all the other great features that are included with Wix's e-commerce integration such as abandoned cart recovery options, discount codes and coupons, and even an affiliate program option and so much more.

With Wix e-commerce features, you have the ability to offer e-gift cards to your customers which is perfect for bringing in even more sales, and for gifting all throughout the year for birthdays, special events, and holidays. This can be an especially great feature if you're wanting to offer a gift card to your online shop for a raffle or local event! Customers have the option to purchase a gift card for others or themselves, and customize the message they want to include in the delivery email if they're sending it to someone. They can also schedule when they want the email with the e-gift card to be sent to that person, such as on their birthday or on Christmas morning.

You can use Wix's e-commerce features in different ways, such as...

  • If you're a grocery store wanting to offer an online shopping experience for your customers that includes online shopping as well as order pick-up and or local delivery options

  • You're a florist or bake shop, or another type of business wanting to offer local pick-up or delivery options for your offerings such as set floral arrangements

  • You're a bakery wanting to offer local pick-up or delivery options where customers can select from a specific set of menu items from your online bakery (such as a dozen glazed donuts or something). I say "set" menu options, because unless you're using the Wix Restaurant option instead of the e-commerce option, there won't be any order customization options such adding or removing toppings from a dish, or adding side dishes to an order. That being said, this feature can be very similar to the Wix Restaurants integration, however, I would recommend one or the other based on the specific needs of your business, as well as your product-type, and business model. To determine which option is best for your business specifically, I'd recommend hopping on a free discovery call so we can make sure you're making the most of what Wix has to offer your business. But for the record, if you're a legit sit-down restaurant, I'd always go with the Wix Restaurants integration, and if your business model differs from that in any way, I'd recommend a discovery call first and foremost!

Wix Restaurants

The Wix Restaurants integration has to be one of my favorite features that Wix offers. With Wix Restaurants, you have the ability to set up your restaurant location or multiple locations, and set up order pick-up options and delivery options, the ability for customers to book reservations, setting up specific delivery areas, tips and gratuity, contactless dine-in options, and more. You can create custom branded menus compete with stunning photos of your menu items, and custom icons for dishes such as vegan, gluten-free, your current special, and more. Wix even has their own POS (point of sale) system that allows you to take orders over the phone, online, or in-person in your restaurant, without having to use another ordering system like Square, ChowNow and others. This can be great if you're wanting to save money and house everything within your website. If you're already using another POS system for your restaurant, you can check and see if it integrates with Wix Restaurants, as Wix Restaurants integrates with a lot of widely used POS systems.

Not to mention, if you're wanting to offer delivery for your restaurant without having to hire someone in-house for delivery, the Wix Restaurants feature allows you to integrate with Door Dash, while still allowing you to keep the online ordering within your website, and not having to send people to the Door Dash app, which is incredible. Again, I can't preach this enough— this is amazing because you're housing everything WITHIN your website and not having to send people to a bunch of third-party links and websites which can get super annoying if you're someone that's hungry and just wants to quickly place an order! ;)

The Wix Restaurant integration is such a powerful tool for those that are in the restaurant business or catering industry and I can't recommend it enough if you're in the food/beverage business! You can see it in action here with the website I built for Asheville Charcuterie Co.

Wix Video Library

This feature is incredible if you're someone who wants to create almost like a YouTube channel, but have everything housed within your own website. You can create multiple 'channels' and you can offer your content for free if you're someone who wants to add different tutorials and free training videos to your website, or if you want to set it up to where your audience has to pay to watch exclusive video content such as paid trainings or workshops, or exclusive tutorials, or if you're an influencer or vlogger who is trying to move away from YouTube and have a website that houses all your video content, this is the perfect feature for you. From what I've seen from creators who have made the switch to housing all of their video content on their own website with a paid membership feature, they actually seem make more money this way than with YouTube! (Disclaimer: I'm not claiming that you WILL make more money by making the switch, but I've heard other creators say that it's totally possible, and that they have!)

As I said, you can offer free access to your video library, or you can make it so that your audience has to pay to access the content— whether that's through a paid membership of some sort (monthly, annually, etc), or by having them pay to rent or even buy specific single videos! This is such a versatile feature to incorporate into your website, and helps you stand out from other businesses and creators!

Wix Online Programs

The Wix Online Programs feature is unmatched if you're someone who is wanting to create a course of some sort and house it on your own website (once again, this is huge for creating a seamless client and customer experience!). With the Wix Online Programs feature, you can create multiple courses, and within your courses, you can...

  • Make your courses timed, or self-paced

  • Create different sections and breakdowns for each course

  • Add course and section descriptions

  • Add step-by-step instructions

  • Add videos or photos for each section or step

  • Upload supporting content such as PDF guides, checklists or even audio files

  • Add tables

  • Embed an upcoming event that you're also housing within your website (we'll talk about this feature next)

  • Embed a service that you offer

  • Create an online community for those that have taken or are currently taking your course

  • Create different badges for those who complete a certain number of courses, or specific courses that those in your course community can see and show off

This is such a golden feature that Wix offers its users, and since there are so many course creators these days, it's practically a no-brainer to use Wix as your website builder and have this feature built into your website. Once again, as I've said all throughout this post, the key thing here is that you're housing your online course or program WITHIN your own website, and you're not having to pay for third-party course platforms such as Podia or Thinkific, and you're able to keep people on your own website for longer. This speaks volumes to the customer and client experience you're creating as well.

Wix Events

Let's talk about the Wix Events feature... Another golden feature that Wix offers its users! This integration can be used in SUCH a variety of different ways and formats. For example, if your business is an event venue of some sort or a concert venue, and you're consistently hosting different concerts or large events that you'd like to sell tickets for, or even offer free tickets for and have people RSVP, this is the feature you NEED in your business. The Wix Events Feature is also great for small businesses or individuals who want to offer workshops or classes or community events that you'd like to sell tickets for. Some examples are below of how you could use this feature in your business...

  • You're a small business owner who's wanting to host an event for fellow business owners, where you can tell tickets of different tiers or levels and different benefits, like if someone wants the Silver Package experience, up to the Platinum Experience (this scenario could be totally different in so many ways!)

  • You're a concert venue who's wanting to start offering a feature where concert-goers can visit your website and see all the different upcoming shows that they can attend, and purchase tickets for those events

  • You're an event center that hosts different large events such as an Art Festival, Job Fair, or something where you're going to have people typically pay at the door. With Wix Events, you can offer them the option to purchase their tickets in advance online

  • If you're someone or an organization or business who's wanting to offer tickets (free or paid) to any type of event or workshop, then you NEED this awesome feature

Added bonus? You can even host online workshops and live classes with Wix, too! This is such a fun and game-changing option for so many businesses! For example, if you're a professional chef and food blogger who wants to offer online cooking classes to your audience, this is the way to go!

Wix Blog

You might already have a blog, and so you might be thinking, what's different about Wix? With Wix, you can easily monetize your blog so that people can pay in order to access your special blog content, and you can also monetize your Wix Blog by embedding the Google Adsense widget to make money off your blog by your visitors seeing ads.

I think it goes without saying that if you're a content creator or a blogger, then this feature is right up your alley— and of course, it's a bonus that Wix has super user-friendly, easy-to-use blog features ;)

Wix Music

The Wix Music feature isn't a feature that's often talked about and is slept on, but such a great feature if you're an upcoming artist or even an already well-known and established artist, and you're wanting to sell your music online through your website. With the Wix Music feature, you can showcase different albums and playlists of your music with a fully customizable music player, let fans buy your music directly from your website *commission free*, and get access to advanced analytics that show you what songs have been purchased the most, listened to the most and are downloaded the most. How awesome is that? If you're an artist without a website, I suggest you hop on Wix and create your website immediately! :)

Wix Photography

The Wix Photography feature is another one of those slept-on features that is so incredible and useful for you as a business owner (aka photographers). With the Wix Photography feature, you have the ability to beautifully display your images and galleries, sell your images, have clients securely access them with a password and built-in watermark feature, and you can even use their new feature that allows you to get your photos printed on different products such as mugs and phone cases, and even get them printed in frames. If you're a photographer, this feature is totally worth checking out for your business! And once again, as I've preached a dozen times in this blog post, being able to house your client galleries within Wix, creates a seamless client and customer experience!

Client Management & Email Marketing (AKA, A Built-In CRM System)

This last feature isn't so much of an obvious add-on feature but is an incredibly helpful and cost-effective feature for helping you run your business and manage clients. Depending on the website plan you go with, Wix offers an in-house client management system that allows you to create quotes and estimates as well as invoices, create a client Contacts area, automate workflows for efficiency, create and manage tasks, and last but not least, you can utilize Wix's built-in email marketing system (you can access the email marketing feature with just about any plan!) This is such a win and an incredible feature to take advantage of if you're somewhat newer in business on a smaller budget and you don't want to have to pay for additional monthly platforms such as Flodesk or Mailchimp for your email marketing, and Dubsado or Honeybook for your client management software. Wix allows you to easily maintain all of this in-house through your website's dashboard.

The one thing I will say that I'm not 100% on board with, is the somewhat limited options you have for email customization when you're conducting your email marketing through Wix. And by that, I mean from a branding perspective, you don't have the option within the Wix Email Builder to use your brand fonts within your emails, and they don't have as many layout options, customization features, and additional features as I'd like them to have in order for me to make the switch to using it for my own email marketing. However, this is still a great feature and tool for you to use if you're just getting started with email marketing and you're wanting to get used to creating emails and automations and communicating with your email list before making the switch to a different platform such as Flodesk or Mailchimp. I have multiple clients who use the built-in email marketing feature that Wix offers!

So, in conclusion...

As you can see, Wix is such an incredibly versatile, advanced, and useful platform to help you not only grow your business but manage your business as well from a day-to-day perspective. Wix offers so many different built-in features, as well as integrations with hundreds of different well-known brands and large companies such as QuickBooks, Mailchimp, Printful, Door Dash, and countless others to bring you almost endless business solutions to help you grow and manage your business. This blog post literally just scratches the surface of what all Wix can offer your business. If you have any questions about any of these Wix features that I've mentioned above, or how you might be able to utilize them in your own business, then please don't hesitate to shoot me a DM on Instagram, or send me an email. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have about these awesome features.

If after reading this post, you're 100% sold on building your website through Wix and wanna take the next step in making that happen so you can utilize one or more of these helpful integrations and business solutions, then feel free to book a free 30-minute discovery call with me so that we can get your project on the calendar and start helping you level up your business!

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