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Green Mountain Space

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VIP Day Website Refresh

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Personal Services (Professional Organizing)

Jess, the owner and visionary behind Green Mountain Space Professional Organizing, recognized the need for her website to mirror the clarity and efficiency of her organizing services. She aimed for a site that not only reflected a modern and beautiful aesthetic but was also user-friendly, seamlessly guiding both existing and prospective clients through her offerings in Asheville and the surrounding areas. We also highlighted her new organizing membership service, and was able to reach our goal of presenting her services in an intuitive manner.

Levering a VIP Day, given that her site was already designed on Squarespace, allowed us to efficiently overhaul her website in just one day. We fine-tuned her color palette and brand fonts for a refreshed look, restructured the website content for optimal readability and navigation, and infused the site with her new branding photos, adding a personal touch that resonates with her audience. Additionally, we expanded her website's functionality with several new pages, enhancing the overall user experience.

Jess frequently shares that her clients frequently compliment her site, telling her that it stands out as the best among professional organizers' sites they've encountered. This feedback underscores the success of our collaborative effort to create a digital space that effectively showcases Green Mountain Space's unique value and expertise.

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