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Cottonwood Creek Herbals

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"The Professional" Custom Website + E-Commerce, Signature Branding Package, and Label Design

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E-Commerce + Health & Wellness

When Melodie approached me, Cottonwood Creek Herbals was a thriving side hustle, ripe for transformation into a full-scale brand. Eager to elevate her business, Melodie invested in our comprehensive custom brand identity package, which included a deep dive into brand strategy. Together, we explored her brand values, pinpointed her target audience, and clarified her long-term business aspirations, setting a solid foundation for her brand's future direction.

We crafted an extensive logo suite, handpicked brand colors and fonts, devised a thorough brand strategy plan, and designed an array of labels for the diverse product lines under Cottonwood Creek Herbals. The rebranding effort was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from her customers, with Melodie reporting back that the new branding and labels have been a resounding success, significantly boosting her business.

Here you'll find product photos showcasing the results of our collaboration, all thanks to Melodie's fantastic contribution. Building on this success, we embarked on phase 2 of her brand's evolution: creating a new website from the ground up. Leveraging Wix's robust e-commerce features, we designed a platform that not only highlights Cottonwood Creek Herbals' brand but also optimizes customer experience, setting the stage for continued growth and success

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