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Coco's Bake Shop

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"The Professional" Custom Website Package

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Food + Beverage

Coco was the lucky winner of a giveaway I hosted on my Instagram in late 2022, earning herself "The Professional" website package. This prize included a comprehensive six-page website design, basic SEO optimization, and all the essential features every website needs to succeed. Coco's original website had a tentative use of brand colors, mainly favoring pastels. Together, we refined her color palette to ensure a harmonious blend throughout her site.

Building on the Wix platform—Coco's preferred choice—we overhauled her website to showcase her dessert offerings more effectively. We meticulously organized each page for ease of navigation, enriched the content to engage visitors, and integrated her stunning brand photography from the summer. Additionally, we updated her font choices to add a fresh touch to her site's aesthetics. The transformation was remarkable, truly elevating Coco's online presence and reflecting the quality and passion behind her dessert creations.

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