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Silver Fern Events

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"The Professional" Custom Website

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Personal Services (Wedding & Event Planner)

Erin's previous website, built on Weebly, lacked visual appeal and essential information about her wedding and event planning services. It was missing up-to-date details on her packages, had an outdated blog and team page, and wasn't optimized for search engines, lacking engaging fonts and colors.

We transformed Erin's online presence by crafting a new, SEO-optimized website on Wix. We enriched the site with fresh blog content, detailed descriptions of her wedding packages, a beautiful gallery showcasing past events, and an updated team page. Plus, we revamped one of her older blog posts into a comprehensive, budget-friendly wedding planning guide, now for sale on her site, introducing a new revenue stream for her business.

Erin's talent in organizing unforgettable events is truly exceptional. Visit her new website to see the magic she creates and consider her for planning your next event or dream wedding.

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