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Cottonwood Creek Herbals


Cottonwood Creek Herbals


When Melodie came to me, she had been in business for a few years, but knew she was ready to take Cottonwood Creek Herbals from just a side hustle, to a full-blown brand. She booked our full custom brand identity package, complete with brand strategy, so we dove deep into her brand values, target audience, business goals, and so much more to help Melodie establish a clear direction of where she wanted her brand to go and where she wanted it to be years down the road. We designed a full logo suite, chose brand colors and fonts, conducted a complete brand strategy plan, and created a large number of labels for all the products in the different Cottonwood Creek Herbals product lines. Since launching her new branding, Melodie has said on multiple occasions that the new branding has been a total HIT with customers, everyone loves the new labels, and business is booming! All of the product photos below are courtesy of my amazing client!

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