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Cocos Bake Shop


Coco's Bake Shop


Coco won a giveaway I held over on my Instagram page in late 2022 and won my website package, "The Professional" which is a 6-page website complete with basic SEO, and all the must-have features every website needs. On Coco's old site, she had *some* brand colors, but they weren't set in stone- she liked pastels, so we refined her color palette and made sure all of her colors meshed well together. Once that was complete, we built out her new website on Wix, which was the platform she was already using, updating her menu of desserts that she provides, making sure each page was laid out nicely, with a sufficient amount of content, incorporated her amazing brand photos she had done over the summer, and even freshened up her font choices. and the results are incredible.

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