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Doc Brown's BBQ

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"The Professional" Custom Website

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Food + Beverage

Doc Brown's BBQ faced a challenge with their previous website; it was not only outdated but also cumbersome for David and Krista to update and manage, particularly when it came to their menu. The static PDF format made swift updates impossible, a significant hurdle in the dynamic world of restaurant offerings.

To address this, we transitioned Doc Brown's BBQ to a new, modern website hosted on Squarespace. This platform was chosen for its user-friendly interface, which now enables David and Krista to effortlessly update their menu directly on the site, ensuring their customers always have access to the latest selections and offers. This move away from a PDF menu to an easily editable online format marked a pivotal upgrade for Doc Brown's BBQ.

The impact of the new website has been profound. Since its launch, Doc Brown's BBQ has welcomed thousands of visitors to their site each month, a testament to the enhanced user experience and the appealing, accessible presentation of their mouth-watering offerings.

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