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Website Wonderland: Your Holiday HQ

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In this 7-week, self-paced mini course, I'll walk you through how to prepare your website for success to help you sell during this holiday season so you can spend more time off with your loved ones. Ideally, if you start this course 8 weeks before Thanksgiving/Black Friday, you should be able to complete each module and implement the steps included every week, leading up to Thanksgiving/Black Friday. If you're starting it later, don't worry, these modules are fairly short, so most of the time will come from implementing the steps in your own website! You can read through the entire course in day, or spread it out, but either way, the sooner you can start implementing these steps, the better off you'll be! In this course, our different modules will be: 👉 The importance of prepping your website ahead of time 👉 Attracting your ideal holiday shoppers 👉 The power of SEO for holiday sales 👉 Creating your sales page 👉 How to cross promote your offer on social media 👉 Customer retention after the sale 👉 Last minute holiday website checks Each module will have it's own set of steps and tips and information for you to implement in your own business and website. If at anytime during the course you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out and email me at


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